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Closure-Seal: Security meets design.

Transparent-Hologram-Seal: For “invisible” sealing of product packs.

Transparent-Hologram-Seal: Holographic security features enhance the counterfeiting protection of transparency seals.

Reclosable Multi-Seal: A covert message (customized design: e.g. a logo or inscription) is irreversibly made visible when the box is opened for the first time.

Wallet-Seal: With non-adhesive starter tab.

Wallet-Seal: After triggering of irreversible evidence of opening.

Closure-Seal: User-specific material selection causes the seal to be destroyed when the pack is opened for the first time.

Foam-Seal: Provides tamper evidence even on difficult substrates.

DryPeel-Seal: Seal with covert code for web-based authentication.

Packaging-Seal: Protection from undetected peel-off and re-application. Used on secondary packaging.

Closure Seal: product examples

Pharma product packs have to remain intact up to the time of reaching the patient to guarantee the integrity of the packaged drug.

Closure-Seals are used to securely close the folding box and to simplify handling. The seals reliably indicate unauthorized opening, are used to re-seal the box, and provide proof of authenticity. In conjunction with Schreiner ProSecure, the authenticity and tamper protection specialist – Schreiner MediPharm offers a wide range of closure solutions tailored to the respective packaging security requirements.

All seals reliably indicate “first opening,” provide tamper protection, and feature a high-grade design as well as customization options. Combined with counterfeiting protection features, Closure-Seals perform several functions, thus enabling leaner processes and cost reductions. In addition, the attractive design of the seals boosts the pharma manufacturer’s brand image.