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Anti-counterfeiting Protection: Reliable combination of authenticity features.

More than 27 million counterfeit drugs were confiscated by customs authorities in 2011 in the European Union alone, according to the European Commission. Innovative solutions allowing fast and reliable authentication of original products are needed in order to effectively combat product and brand piracy.

Reliable protection can only be ensured when drugs can be clearly identified as authentic products by patients, physicians, pharmacists, and other relevant parties.

Integrated Holograms: Flexible uses enabled by
- customized design of 2D/3D effects
- dynamic structures
- covert features detectable only by means
of technical aids.

Security Color-Shifting Ink: The perception of color changes, depending on the viewing angle.

Security Color-Shifting Ink: High-security technology for authentication at a glance.

Thermo-Reactive Print: Color shifts due to body contact (body heat).

Thermo-Reactive Print: Active involvement of the customer and a special product experience.

Overt security features

Overt security features enable authentication by patients, physicians, and pharmacists. Many solutions combine several features for higher protection.

LaserSecure: The presence of special pigments can only be demonstrated using a special reader.

Luminescent Digital Watermarks: Use of special filters for authentication.

SignaSure Fingerprint: Use of odor- and colorless taggants, which are visible only when using a spectroscopic reader (optical fingerprint).

Sample Label: Combination of various overt and covert security features.

Sample Label: Use of security features on detachable documentation label segment – enables authentication on patients’ medical records, even long after administering the product.

Covert features

Covert features are used for proof of authenticity, e.g. in case of complaints or unjustified product liability actions. The encrypted encodings can only be made visible using specific tools.

Specialty labels with several overt and covert security features enable numerous combination options and thus provide reliable proof of authenticity.