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Track & Trace: Secure identification & authentication.

1D/2D Code Systems: Protection against counterfeiting through combination with security features.

DryPeel-Seal: Seal with covert code for web-based authentication.

KeySecure System: Web-based authentication.

Traceability: product examples

In addition to anti-counterfeiting protection, traceability plays a major role in assuring security across the value chain.

The use of numbering, encoding, 1D (barcode) or 2D (data matrix) codes makes products definitively identifiable and traceable. For counterfeiting protection, every pack should be equipped with additional security features. When linked to the KeySecure system a code can be authenticated directly on the Internet (e.g. even using a cell phone).


  • Encoding and security features from a single source
  • Traceability and anti-counterfeiting protection integrated in a single label